Best Toys & Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls

At 1 year old your little girl will be making great leaps in almost every area of her physical, mental and emotional development. Selecting the right type of toys and gifts at this important age can make a huge difference and often help them progress far quicker than they otherwise would.

In particular, 1-year-olds are beginning their journey into the realm of speech and language, as well as starting to learn the basics in terms of pattern recognition, shapes, numbers, and colors. So with this in mind, we have hand-picked some of the best toys for 1-year-old girls, that we believe are both fun, engaging and educational – the best combination.

10 Best Gifts For 1-Year-Old Girls

Laugh and Learn Smart Stages Chair


This cute chair is both a seat for your baby girl and a fun learning center in one. The armrests are each fitted with a number keypad and basic shapes, as well as a beautifully illustrated turn the page storybook for fun, interactive learning guaranteed to engage any 1-year-old.

The chair is also installed with over 50 songs, tunes, and phrases, perfect for a sing-along and great for encouraging speech and learning the basics. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the ability to change the age setting as your baby grows, challenging them to learn more and excel in numeracy, language, and the other fundamentals as they mature.

LeapFrog Shapes And Sharing Picnic Basket


All little girls love to pretend play and of course – family picnics. This cute looking set includes a picnic basket, with carrying handle that contains everything she will need for the perfect “pretend-play” lunch, including food, forks, cups, and plates. This is a great way to encourage joining in, sharing and communication with family and other little boys and girls.

As well as the vibrant and character-driven design that will naturally attract all 1-year-olds to learn basic shapes and colors, the basket plays a range of melodies and fun sound effects that are sure to keep her entertained.

Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


At age 1 your little girl is probably starting to build her leg muscles and gradually transitioning from crawling to walking. So anything that will encourage her to do this using her own will and bodyweight is definitely a positive. That’s why the Sit-to-stand is such a good toy – while offering support, it will encourage her to move around independently and start building the confidence to stand up and walk.

As well as encouraging her to take her first steps, the learning walker is jam-packed full of interactive and fun learning activities. This includes a telephone, piano keys, shape sorters, and light up colors, all brilliant ways for her to start learning the basics and expressing her big personality.

Nuby Octopus Hoopla Bathtime Toys


Bathtime is a normal part of the daily routine and bath time toys are a great way to add some fun and learning into the process. The octopus character will act as a great bath time companion and have your little girl excited every time. It also acts as a learning tool and game in one.

While the octopus’s floats in the water, each of the eight tentacles extend out from the water and can be used to toss the rings onto. This is a fun game, helping to develop hand-eye coordination and you can also easily add counting into the mix to make it a fun and exciting learning experience. Each of the hoops is themed too, so you can learn about different shapes, objects, and colors!

Fun Time Pop Up Farmyard Friends


Learning about farmyard animals is a key part of every childhood and this baby toy offers a fun and exciting way to achieve it. The toy features four animals, including pig, chicken, cow, and sheep that pop up after the corresponding shape and color have been pushed. This means you can easily learn the names of the animals, while simultaneously learning about basic colors and shapes.

In front of each animal is picture association, for instance, the cow with milk bottles and the chicken with eggs. This is a fundamental part of the learning process for all kids right up under senior, so getting them started early can’t be a bad thing.

As well as farm animals, there are plenty of other animal collections too, so if you would prefer for your little girl to learn about zoo animals, that’s always another option.

VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone


A microphone is a fantastic tool to get your baby girl talking and developing her speech, you can even sing along with her to get her vocals going. It’s also a rattle, so when they get bored of singing, they can start developing some rhythm and cause a scene.

The microphone also plays a range of different songs and melodies that encourage them to sing along and learn different words. Twelve different animal sounds can also be played, further aiding learning and helping to expand their vocabulary and vocal abilities.

The vibrant design, tassles and puppy dog button are all sure to get the attention of your girl. And once her own voice is amplified, she may discover a new found confidence in her own voice.

Lamaze Fifi The Firefly


A tactile toy is a great option for babies who are still just experiencing many aspects of the world. Crunching and clacking rings will engage your babies hearing and senses, while the mirror will let them see their own faces, play peek-a-boo and keep track of images.

At this age, teething is a common issue, so the ladybug teether will come in very handy and since it’s portable it can easily be used in the car or at home. It also conveniently clips onto cribs, strollers, car seats and carriers.

Baby Einstein Discover and Play Piano


Do you want to foster a love of music in your baby girl? Or want to help her on her way to becoming a piano player? This 5 key piano can be played in the style of three iconic instruments – the piano, trumpet or the drums. The keys are numbered, color-coded and soft to the touch, so they can learn the basic while creating music.

As well as the 3 different modes of play, this piano includes over 20 melodies and tunes, so she can play her on her own or in rhythm with an old classic. It also flashes so is sure to maintain her attention and it’s small enough to take in the car or fit, in your bag or underneath the stroller.

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center


Sports aren’t just for boys! In the age of inactivity and the internet, encouraging physical excercise and sportmanship is more valuable than ever and starting as young as possible is a sure way to make a positive impact on your little girl.

This sports activity center includes basketball and a football net in one for versatile play. The basketball net has a light up LED scoreboard that keeps the score and features a range of other light-up animations and sounds to maintain their attention.

A toy like this helps young children develop hand and eye coordination, build strength in their legs and arms and keep active.

Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car


Take your girl for a ride in this cute pink car that you can trade in for the stroller for short walks and trips to the park. With a storage trunk, steering wheel, cushioned seat and safety belt it provides a comfortable and safe ride for your child. It even has cup holders and an operational horn, two details that will make all the difference.

This little car will make a huge difference on days out and certainly, beats using the stroller. It will encourage an active imagination and pretend-play encouraging them to develop confidence and key character traits sure to help them in the formative years ahead.

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