Best Toys & Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

At 10 years of age, your boy is growing up fast and is ready for toys that challenge him in a whole host of new and exciting ways. Boys at this age can be difficult to buy for since they’re no longer interested in little kid stuff, yet they haven’t quite hit the teenage group. As a result, they need toys that will suit their new physical and mental demands but won’t be too difficult, as is the case with a lot of teenager gear.

When thinking about what toys and gifts to buy kids at this tricky age, you need something a little more mature, but still not too difficult. However boys of all ages have different interests and tastes, and as a result, we have hand-picked some of the best games, learning sets, science kits and many other gifts 10-year-old boys will love.

10 Best Gifts For 10-Year-Old Boys

Red Heron Drone with HD Camera


This superb-looking Drone is a great first-time drone for 10-year-old boys and with a high-definition and wide-angle views, it can capture stunning panoramic views during any flying adventures. It’s sturdy and robust design certainly makes it stand out in a market flooded with cheap and inferior drone models.

The U49C Drone comes boxed with a spare motor and propeller that will come in incredibly handy during the learning process. It’s also equipped with a superb controller that’s simple to use and makes the drone very easy to control. Other features that make the drone easy to fly and control include altitude hold, one-touch takeoff and an alarm that sounds when the battery power gets low.

Thames & Kosmos Dual-LED Microscope


Any way to get your children learning has to be seen as a positive and this LED microscope allows that to be achieved in a fun and engaging way. The kit includes everything your child will need to carry out their own science experiments and take a closer look at specimens they collect.

The TKx400i offers a powerful 400-times magnification and two illuminating LEDs for clarity and easy slide observation. This kit is a serious science experience, built with small hands in mind.

The microscope kit includes 27 pieces including tweezers, slides, specimen collection jars and much more. Perhaps most useful for kids is the full-color 48-page microscopy booklet that provides instructions and other key details for a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Boys BMX Bike


A bike is a fantastic toy for a young boy, they can explore the outdoors, get some exercise and have bundles of fun, all at the same time. This bike can be used in rural locations and with its durable design will provide a comfortable and safe bicycle ride. The design and color scheme used is also nice and we all know how important looking the part can be!

The design of the frame is solid and made from a solid steel construction, while the handlebars are a good size and padded well for a comfortable, frictionless ride. As always, remember to make sure your boy wears the appropriate safety gear when riding, including helmet and arms and knee pads.

High-Speed RC Truck


Remote control vehicles are a great way for boys to burn some energy in the great outdoors. As well as an excuse to go for an outdoor adventure, they’re also great for exploration and improving fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination – making them fun and useful.

This desert buggy design is made to travel with ease on a vast array of different terrains, including sand, soil, ashfelt and dirt tracks. It can travel up to 10 miles an hour making it quite fast for an RC car and with a strong transmitter of 2.4 GHz controls will be maintained well.

National Geographic Metal Detector


A fantastic past time and tool for outdoor exploration – the metal detector. This highly portable and easy to store model by National Geographic means your little guy can start treasure hunting wherever you travel.

The detector features four sensitivity levels to help detect the most obscure treasure that may be lurking underground. Amazingly, it is able to detect any metal up to 10 feet below the ground. You may have to do some digging of course, but that’s all part of the fun!

T388 2 Mini Walkie Talkie


It may be tempting to give in to the modern age and give your kid a smartphone, but it’s worth the wait! You’ll have plenty of that when they hit their teens. Instead, offer them a set of walkie talkies to play with, they are great to use with friends and family members, both indoors and out!

They offer a communication range of up to 5 kilometers and have a built-in auto-scan to pick up signals automatically. The frequency range is also displayed on the LCD display, so there shouldn’t be any sudden shocks if you lose signal.

This toy is great fun for older boys and a great excuse to get them to play outside. These will allow your kid to brush up on their communication skills too, allowing them to get used to speaking over the phone. You could even turn this into a game, teaching them how to effectively and properly communicate.

Nerf Zombie Blaster


Perhaps a little too young to be watching zombie movies? Still, 10-year-old boys love to at least imagine they’re fighting an evil horde of zombies and now that imaginative play session can get a little more serious thanks to the Nerf Zombie Blaster.

This hefty looking gun is loaded with some impressive features including a clip capable of firing 12 darts simultaneously. The target is an impressive prop that doesn’t bear any function, yet it still makes the gun look impressive. As well as providing fun, imaginative play, target practice can certainly help your little guy improve their hand-eye coordination – a great bonus.

Blast Pad Missile Launcher


In the age of the internet and TV, any excuse to get outdoors and have fun has to be positive. This blast off rocket device provides your kid with their very own launch pad, they simply jump onto the launching pad and the resulting pressure propels the rocket waiting at on the frame.

The kit includes three rockets, as well as the pressure launcher and rocket frame. The rockets are capable of flying high up at a considerable 90 feet per second. As well as offering great fun, this also offers your child to understand the concept of strength and understand how much power they hold, an essential lesson for all young men to learn.

Shock Proof Binoculars


The natural world has a lot to offer young scouts! Being surrounded by the wilderness and amongst nature is a learning experience in itself and a sure way to get a good level of physical exercise. Binoculars add to all experience and help to encourage your child to partake in bird watching, animal observation, hunting and tracking your route during a hike.

These binoculars are great for kids because they’ve been designed with kids in mind. The lenses have a scratch resistant coating, are shatterproof and the design is extremely lightweight and portable. The rubber design means that its comfortable to grip and to wear against the eyes. There’s also a neck strap for extra convenience and a bag is included to protect them from dust and environmental damage when not in use.

Ripstak Caster Board


Another toy that gets them active and outside – the caster board. This board that’s in effect a combination between the traditional skateboard and snowboard is a great way to get your kid into an outdoor hobby that will do them a lot of good. The best bit? It will last them for many years.

As well as encourage physical activity, the board supports as much as 220 pounds and helps to boost spatial awareness, balance and spatial awareness.

The design itself is unique and has an amazing grip to help your boy maintain balance with ease as they steer and attempt any tricks. These grips can also be replaced if they start to show signs of wear and tear.

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