Best Toys & Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls

If you’re looking for the best toys and gifts for 10-year-old girls, you’re in the right place! We’ve selected some of the most popular puzzles, games, and gadgets recommended by parents and kids we asked. Our main priority was to select toys designed to challenge and engage kids at this “in-between” age, with a range of budgets in mind.

10 Best Gifts For 10-Year-Old Girls

Fashion Design Kit For Kids


Girls at 10 are not quite ready for the more mature toys and are essentially still interested in crafts and anything that allows them to expand their creativity is a positive activity. Designing, planning and making things from scratch will help develop problem-solving skills and skills that will serve them for life including sewing, stitching and fixing things.

This Fashion Design Kit is the ultimate craft kit for girls and includes up to 50 items such as ribbons, fabric, and embellishments. The kit allows your little girl to gain some insight into what it’s like to be a fashion designer, create her own clothing and express her own unique style and identity. All the necessary instructions are included and easy to follow.

Big Bag Of Science


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM subjects) are all essential skills that kids must master in the modern age. In fact, it’s been widely predicted that the majority of new jobs creating in the coming decades are going to demand skills associated with the STEM fields. Therefore, inspiring your child and encouraging them to excel in these areas is a very wise thing to do.

This huge science kit for kids is one of the best and contains 70 activities in total. All of them are engaging and fun to do and cover a wide range of topics including physics, chemistry, and math. The instructions included are all easy to follow, step by step and beautifully illustrated. This is a great way to engage kids to appreciate science and STEM topics in a fun and exciting way that is sure to inspire them to pursue these often challenging but very rewarding subjects.

Nancy B’s Science Club Microscope


Does your 10-year-old fancy herself as a biologist? With this kids microscope, she will be able to pursue her dreams of being a scientist and carry out her very own experiments. This is a great way to complement pretend-play but also incorporate active learning that she is sure to find interesting and inspiring.

The set includes an impressive ocular microscope that has been designed with kids in mind and with a 400X magnification it can achieve some impressive images. It also includes all the necessary accessories to make it a truly immersive science experience including slides, tweezers and specimen containers.

The activity journal included is also extremely useful, it includes 22 pages of activities that make the experience learning objective orientated and best of all – fun for kids. The activities range from observing feathers and scales to writing, making observations and drawing.

The Sleepover Party Game


What girl doesn’t like a sleepover? It’s a great way for friends to build better and closer relationships. Many parents struggle to keep them entertained for so long though, but with The Sleepover Party Game that will never be an issue again. This big box is packed with fun activities including 200 games for the ultimate evening of fun and excitement.

Creating awesome memories for your kids is one thing all parents aim for and this box full of activities will keep them entertained until it’s time to lye down to sleep. It also ensures everyone is involved, so if there are more timid members of the group they won’t be left out!

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster


Does your child want to look the part and have the upper-hand in neighborhood Nerf wars? This impressive looking bow will certainly do the job. It comes equipped with 3 soft-tipped arrows and a secret message function, allowing her to send secret messages to others during the battle that they have to be read using the secret decoder.

This is a great toy to get your child outdoors and active. She will be able to master the art of the bow and with perseverance and discipline get better at aiming and firing the arrows on target. This is a toy that will enhance pretend-play with friends and you never know, it may even inspire a hobby and she might want to pursue a dream of becoming an Olympic archer.

Quadcopter Drone


Another way to get your child outdoors and inspire a love of nature and exploration are drones. These remote-controlled flying machines allow kids pursue exciting outdoor adventures like never before. They allow you to take photos, record videos from angles and altitudes only previously ever reserved for people who owned helicopters!

This drone is great for kids since it is fitted with six-axis gyro stabilization, ensuring it remains as stable as possible during flight. It also has lights, making it good for evening and night time-flying and an HD camera for crisp and clear images.

Deluxe Art Creativity Set


10 is a great age to introduce more technical creative concepts to your child that will serve her well in her future education and career.

By now she has probably done a lot of drawing and painting, but sketching, shading, and proportion are ideas and techniques usually reserved for more mature kids and teens. A great way to incorporate these new and often challenging techniques is an art set that allows her to let loose and practice.

This Deluxe Art Set includes everything you can think of – pens, pencils, paints, pastels all presented in a beautifully designed wooden storage box. There’s also the option to purchase the sketch pads so she can get creative from the get-go.

With this kit, she will be able to paint, draw and create pictures to her heart’s content.

Street Surfing Wave


This board is way more than a skateboard, it’s a skateboard and snowboard combined in one unique toy. It’s a great excuse to get your child outdoors and active and with practice, your child can perform impressive stunts and tricks, great for improving coordination, agility, balance, and self-confidence.

These are much better than skateboards, they are lightweight and have a unique tethered design to ensure your kid has a good grip during the ride. They are extremely durable, but even better, as the grips become worn, they can be replaced when required.

Deluxe Hair Chalk Salon


Getting creative and bonding with friends are the activities all 10-year-olds prefer. In fact, enjoying mutual interests is probably one of the best ways to foster great friendships.

Funky colored hairstyles and extensions are hot right now, but the issue is that real dyes are damaging and often a safety concern for many parents – chalks are much safer and temporary, typically washing out after a single use.

The chalk pens that come in this Deluxe Chalk set come in 12 vibrant colors that wash out easily, providing safe, endless opportunities for experimentation and fun hairstyles.

Kids Day at The Spa Gift Set


What girl doesn’t love the idea of a day of pampering and treatments at the spa? This complete gift set gives your girl the opportunity from the comfort of your home. The set includes 30 pieces in total, such as pedicure pool to soak and relax her feet in, nail dryer to dry wet nails after applying nail polish of her choice, which is also included, along with nail stickers, toe separators, and a comforting eye mask.

This is great gift for kids to make the most of on their own or alternatively with a group of friends. It includes instructions on how to make the most of it for a sleep over or party and who knows? She may even use it with mum or dad!

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