Best Toys & Gifts For 2 Year Old Girls

At two years of age, your little girl is no longer a baby and as a result, will be starting to become much more curious about the world around her. As she starts to develop her independence, ensuring she has the right toys will ensure she is adequately stimulated, both mentally and emotionally.

In particular, toys at two need to suit her current cognitive and motor abilities and give her some scope to develop even further. With this in mind, we have hand-picked some of the most popular toys and gifts two-year-old girls will love and benefit from.

10 Best Gifts For 2-Year-Old Girls

Gourmet Wooden Play Kitchen


This stunningly built play kitchen will help your little girl expand her abilities in every way. Imaginative play with friends and family will help her develop her speech, language, communication skills and confidence, essential traits all little girls need to develop.

The kitchen includes moveable red knobs, faucet, plenty of storage and shelving for accessories that can be acquired to accompany it. What’s great is that other kitchen essentials can be purchased to expand the kitchen set, including fridge, toaster, and mixer.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk


At two years, it’s incredibly important to ensure your daughter’s toys stimulate and at times challenge her. This activity learning desk is the ideal way to give your girl a head start and ensure she’s well equipped with the basics of starting kindergarten or school.

It includes 5 unique and engaging activity pages all focusing on unique topics including the alphabet, counting numbers, musical instruments, basic body parts and fruit and vegetables. It’s always great to have a toy that will keep them entertained and learning at the same time!

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella


This award-winning, soft and snuggly dolly is the perfect toy for little girls and encourages caregiving, compassion, and responsibility. It includes a blanket, magnetic pacifier, and beautifully embroidered detailing throughout the design.

The doll is 15 inches in length and is the perfect companion and first-time doll for all little girls. There are a vast array of different accessories that can be purchased to accompany the doll and a variety of different doll designs.

Wishbone Balance Trike


Balance trikes and bikes provide your child with a means to learn to ride a bicycle safely and gradually. For young girls, the trike, with 3 wheels, will allow them to drive forward unattended and build confidence. When they are ready, it can be transformed into a two pedal bicycle that she can power with her feet and then once mastered ride it with ease.

The frame is beautifully hand-crafted and made from wood, a nice change from the typical metal and often garish looking designs. The handlebars and seat are also nicely cushioned for maximum comfort and protection from any friction.

VTech Doc McStuffins Talk


Encouraging your little girl to get creative and start drawing is a fun and engaging way to begin developing her creativity. When her language and speech are still quite limited, it’s also a great way for her to start expressing herself and communicating in a new and meaningful way. She can copy, draw from her own imagination and maybe even start drawing and learning basic shapes, letters and numbers.

This trace board allows your child to draw freely or utilize the many stencils and complete 4 different drawing activities. The board also plays 30 different melodies, so if they get bored of drawing it’s sure to keep them engaged and entertained for a little while longer.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart


What kid doesn’t like ice cream? Now she can serve her very own with this ice cream cart and learn a lot at the same time. It includes scooper and multiple different flavors for a multitude of different vibrant combinations, for fun imaginative play. The cart can be pushed around and she can begin serving family members and friends based on their requests.

Transporting the cart will help her develop motor skills and build her legs, while the playful sounds and phrases will help her get to grips with basic colors, numbers and familiar with the different flavors – we all know how important that is!

Teach My Toddler Learning Kit


Many parents want toys and gifts that will focus purely on developing the skills and abilities of their two-year-olds. If this sounds like your preference, then this kit is the perfect solution and includes interactive and fun activities that will help teach your two-year-old girl about the alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers. In total, it includes 55 flash cards, 4 learning posters and 7 puzzles – a lot to keep them busy!

Many toys claim to help with learning with very little evidence. Yet this kit includes everything used on a daily basis by educators to help enhance and encourage early learning for kids. It will help improve their cognition, memory and hand-eye coordination, making sure they are well prepared for kindergarten.

First Builders Big Building Bag


This bag full of chunky blocks will allow your two-year-old girl to start building her own creations. The bag includes 80 vibrant blocks including pink, blue, yellow and purple, allowing them to easily get familiar with the names of basic colors as they play. The bag also doubles up as storage and provides an easy and mess-free way to transport them around.

Even though building blocks have traditionally been viewed as a boys toy, don’t let this become a barrier to your child’s learning! Building blocks offer a great way for your two-year-old girl to build, develop her creativity and problem-solving skills.

As well as this basic set, Mega Bloks also offer a variety of colors, including pink and if you fancy adding some math into the equation, they also offer a set that incorporates learning cards.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse


Little girls often see their mothers and other females in the family with purses and will do almost anything to play with them, along with everything inside. Thanks to the happy-faced, pink purse, your little girl can rock her very own purse, along with phone, credit card, keys, mirror and more. It’s a toy and learning tool in one.

This toy is great for role-playing, learning greetings, manners and other important basics. For example, the phone includes both the alphabet and numbers to help encourage learning and there are a variety of colors to help to familiarize them and get to grips with naming them.

Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride-On Push Car


Going for a walk to the park or around the block with your little girl in the stroller can get a little boring, especially in the nice weather. This push car gives you another option, allowing your baby girl to steer and feel like she’s in control, while you do the pushing and steering. A great bonding experience that allows a lot of interaction between parent and daughter!

The pink buggy design comes fitted with a seatbelt, movable steering wheel and padded seat for a safe, authentic and comfortable car journey. There’s also a little storage area in the trunk, perfect for transporting more toys, snacks or any of mom or dads stuff. The cup holders at the front of the car and near the handlebar makes it easy and convenient to take a drink with you on your journey too. It’s also small enough to fit in most boots!

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