Best Toys & Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

When a boy becomes 3 years old they really start to let loose and have some fun due to their heightened mobility and increased awareness of their environment. They begin to become more communicative and interactive with the things around them.

When you are considering toys to buy for them, ideally the toys are going to be exciting and fun but also still help them to learn and understand the world around them whilst also promoting the building of essential skills like communication, mobility, dexterity; pattern, shape and number recognition which all come into their development and build their character.

10 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Boys

VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox Toy


A great way for kids to learn is for them to experience, to have toys that emulate real-world objects which they otherwise wouldn’t be handling. It allows to them to get hands-on with tools and learn to appreciate what they’re for, they use and how they should be treated with care.

This toy toolbox by Vtech is a fantastic learning toy that does exactly that! It’s highly interactive by having plastic nails, screws, hammer, wrench and hand drill. The tools can be used to hammer and screw the bits into the holes provided in the toolbox tray and the interconnected cogs that are turned using the drill.

This is all brought together with the immersive mechanical sounds made when the tools are used, light up buttons which play songs when pressed and teach kids about the tools, and play instruction cards that your kid can use to pretend to fix objects whilst learning about colors and numbers.

LeapFrog LeapStart Interactive Learning System


The Leapfrog Leapstart is a highly sought after and highly rated bit of kit that focuses on interactive, fun and engaging learning. Sometimes kids are in no mood to be up on their feet and so Leapfrog provides them with an opportunity to kick back and play some games, solve puzzles, learn songs, jokes and more, all in the comfort of their seat using an interactive stylus.

There are many books which you can purchase additionally to the Leapstart that you can easily clip in and get going. The toy itself folds like a book when you are not using it and also has a handy carry handle for taking out and about. This is a great activity for kids who are strapped into their car seat too; it will keep them entertained during journeys.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy


Bath toys are an often overlooked gift for a boy because they’re usually unassuming and simplistic. Kids don’t always tend to like bath time and get bored or they find the toys they have during bath time not that entertaining.

This cute little magnetic fishing rod with magnetic characters to catch is highly engaging and simulates a real-life hobby/profession. The characters bob along on the water’s surface and it’s a little challenge to actually catch them, making it a rewarding game for a 3-year-old.

Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table


Come summertime when the sun is beating down and everyone is playing outside, it can be hard to come across good water based games for the little ones. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark is an awesome place for the kids to play together at a pool or outdoor party!

There’s loads of fun to be had with this toy which comes with squishy balls that fill with water and squirt. The balls can be dropped through the central tunnel, and is exciting for kids to watch it tumble through and back into the water! They can then float towards the water mill that can scoop the balls up and back into the water again for them to float down the stream that’s created.

There’s so much more to this toy and it’s sure to be a hit with the kids, will make a splash at a birthday party so don’t miss out!

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 100 Piece Set


Magna-Tiles is a high quality, creative toy aimed at children of 3 years and up and like various toys involving building blocks Magna-Tiles promote learning through creative and imaginative play. However, unlike common block building toys, this toy has a whole heap of combinations due to the well designed, magnet-based connection between various shapes.

Your child can really let their imagination flow and build whatever they want to build, in fact, it’s not just the child who would be playing, but the whole family can get involved and build something spectacular together! This is a fantastic tool that can be used for family bonding and to encourage sharing, teamwork and using the imagination practically to create works of art.

This toy may seem quite expensive compared to others on this list, but due to its high quality, the amount of fun it provides and the price compared to the sets with fewer pieces it’s actually great value. You’ll be building with this toy for years to come and overall it’s an exceptional gift for a 3-year-old.

Educational Insights The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game


Sneaky Snacky Squirrel is a fun new game for children that has simple rules and many educational benefits for them. If you are looking for a board game for children, look no further as unlike most board games the rules are straightforward and not over-convoluted. It can bring the family together as there are enough pieces for four players.

The aim of the game is to have an acorn with each corresponding color as the slots in your log. You spin the spinner to determine which acorn you can take with the friendly squirrel grabber. There are also strategic elements you can land on with the spinner such as choose, steal or lose an acorn.

This game teaches children colors, social skills, and memory and attention whilst also developing social skills, strategic thinking and hand-eye coordination. The game is highly rated and has won awards making it a top choice board game for the family.

Little Tikes First Slide


Slides are a simple but enjoyable playground attraction loved by all children, so why not introduce one to your home? It’s highly convenient by requiring no tools to assemble and dissemble; only requiring you to collapse it to be stored away.

It is also very small for a slide; a perfect gift for a toddler and is built with stability in mind so you don’t really have to worry about it falling over but, of course, supervision is highly recommended because kids will be kids!

Play-Doh Burger Barbecue Toy


Play-Doh is awesome, most kids would agree and so is food! The great thing about Play-Doh is that it can be molded into many forms, and this toy provides you with a grill shaped mold so that kids can play barbeque chef!

This toy provides you with the mold, a ‘doh’ dispenser, two plastic plates, four plastic utensils and five pots of Play-Doh of realistic food colors making it great value for the price. You can combine this toy set with other sets sold by Play-Doh to have a good variety of ways your kid can use Play-Doh to play and create using their imagination.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart


Add a scoop of color to the playroom with this LeapFrog play ice cream cart. Another food-related toy that gives the kids a fun activity through imagination based role play using one of the favorite foods of all time, ice cream!

It’s a great toy because not only does it allow them to play and interact together enhancing their social skills but it introduces them to money exchange, counting and the profession of keeping and running a store!

They can mix and max their favorite ice cream flavors and toppings to create a range of combinations or they can take orders from the charming animal cards provided. The cart can be pushed around so they can take orders from their family and friends and it also speaks; counting how many times the coin is pressed or syrup is dispensed.

Little Tikes Trampoline


Keeping fit and healthy is important, and 3-year-old kids really do have a lot of energy to use. This trampoline by Litte Tikes is the best gift for a 3-year-old as it allows them to keep fit, burn off the calories and have a whale of a time, all within their home.

This trampoline is conveniently compact and should fit into your household, but it’s up to you whether it will get in the way, depending on the size of your room. Its dimensions are 36.00” x 36.00” x 33.50”.

There are handlebars for safety, and its recommended that your child holds on to these at all times, so be sure they are not using it without supervision, just in case. With that said, any kid would be thrilled to receive this as a gift and they’ll have a blast with it, no doubt!

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