Best Toys & Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls

At 4 years of age, your little girl is going to be developing at a rapid rate in almost all areas, including speech, language, and walking. She will no longer be interested in baby toys and with her new found confidence, independence and little personality will be on the hunt for toys and gifts to challenge her and help her excel.

At 4, her vocabulary will be increasing at a rapid rate, her speech will be improving and she will be starting to think about new and more challenging concepts. Therefore, toys, puzzles, games, and gifts that help her get to grips with the basics will ensure she is where she should be mentally, physically and emotionally.

10 Best Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls

My Giant Busy Box


Encouraging your 4-year-old girl to get creative is a truly beneficial activity to pursue, not only does it help them express their personalities and play with their imagination in a fun and exciting way, but it also helps them get to grips with the basics. Colors, shapes, counting, and language can all be easily and effectively incorporated into making crafts.

The Giant Busy Box is jam-packed with 16 different projects and over 600 pieces. It includes stickers, feathers, play dough, tissue, glue and of course instructions to make every project easy and convenient. All kids love getting creative, it’s perfect for after-school bonding and rainy days!

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop


It’s very likely that by now she’s seen you and other members of the family using computers, ipads, and other devices. Make her feel included and turn it into a positive by getting her “very own laptop”, of course, it’s purely an educational toy and a fun way to get her learning the basics.

The “Laptop” allows your child to learn the alphabet, spell names and learn the names of animals. They are also able to send fake emails, all great ways to reinforce learning and improve their vocabulary and language abilities. When they need a break from learning, they can play one of the many melodies included and let-loose.

Dora The Explorer Tough Trike


At this age getting your child active is a not only healthy for them, but a great way to encourage positive life-long habits. A trike is a good option for this age since it requires very little balance, allows them to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills and build confidence, preparing them for learning to ride a bicycle.

The Dora Trike has two rear wheels and a large chunky front wheel, with large handlebars and pedals for allowing easy grip and control for little hands and feet. It also has a built-in under-seat storage compartment that allows things like toys, snacks, and drinks to be stored while she enjoys the drive.

VTech Little Apps Tablet


At 4 she is going to be developing in a variety of ways – speech and language are two very important skills she will be developing at a rapid rate. Therefore, any way to encourage her to increase her vocabulary, vocal range and pronunciation is a hugely positive thing. Some of the best ways to achieve this include listening and copying, singing along to music and following basic instructions and patterns.

This cute device comes equipped with 12 different and fun activities to help your child learn about the foundations. The LCD display is clear and easy to read. The activities are progressed based making it easy for those just starting to learn the basics and more and more challenging as they progress. It includes alphabet, letters, a piano keyboard and a color-changing screen, which will all help your child get familiar with the basics and have lots of fun while they do so.

Little Tikes Trampoline


At this age, your child is probably taking every advantage of her new found walking and talking abilities and so is likely to be full of curiosity and energy. This is a great thing, but on rainy days you will probably find limited ways in which she can burn all of that energy, thus an indoor trampoline is a brilliant solution.

This trampoline by little Tikes is built with little kids in mind, it is big enough for them to go for a jump and also features a safety bar that will help them maintain balance throughout. This will help little legs burn lots of energy, encourage a love of exercise, strengthen muscles and develop coordination and motor skills.

Walking & Barking Westie Dog Toy


Imaginative play and role-playing are common modes of play toddlers and kids use to test out their communication skills, explore important concepts and of course have fun! Taking care of a dog or baby toy companion can also help reinforce other important concepts including caregiving, being responsible and kindness.

This cute looking westie dog toy will allow your little girl to have her own pet dog without any of the responsibilities that come with caring for a real animal. Just like the real thing, this dog walks and wags his tail and allows your child to experience what its like to go for walkies using his lead and collar, and take care of him by brushing his lovely fur coat.

Design & Drill Flower Power Studio


What little girl doesn’t love flowers? This educational building toy will allow your little girl to design, create and build her very own floral arrangements in many different configurations. The studio kit comes with a toy drill and over 60 bolts, helping her to get creative and improve her problem-solving skills.

The educational kit includes toy power drill to help position the collection of 60 bolts for almost unlimited fun and creativity. Once playtime is over it can all be stored away neatly inside the floral case and carried using the convenient handle. This is a fantastic tool to improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and enhance visual learning through counting, naming colors and pattern recognition.

Pretend and Play School Set


If you want your child to be more familiar with the idea of attending school or being taught, then this school set is a good approach. Your child will be able to role-play as a make-believe teacher or student with friends and family and in turn improve their communication skills and confidence.

The play set includes whiteboard and pens, world map, a 7-day calendar, school accessories, clock and a handy carry case. It’s the ideal way to get kids prepared for school and help them understand what a day at school may entail, how they should behave and what to expect.

My Pretty Learning Purse


Most little girls love playing with moms purse, dads keys and everything in between! Now you can buy her her very own handbag with all of the usual accessories, so she doesn’t keep stealing yours. The character-driven design is also very cute and appealing to kids, while the accessories included all have a fun or educational function.

The purse includes keys, lipstick, mirror, money, and music. This toy will enhance imaginative play and aid in learning the basic – alphabet, numbers, colors and counting. After playtime is over, all can be easily stored in the bag and taken wherever she goes.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write


If you want something that will help your little girl learn spelling, counting, and basic reading, then this educational tool by LeapFrog is a fantastic tool. A number or letter is selected by pressing the keypad at the top, which then lights up, allowing your child to trace the illuminated pattern.

It includes two levels, enabling a more challenging option to be selected once your childs got the hang of it. This is a brilliant tool allowing your child to get used to reading and writing both letters and numbers. It also introduces other important concepts such as counting and improves fine motor skills as they master control of the stylus.

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