Best Toys & Gifts For 5 Year Old Boys

At 5 years your child is way past the toddler years and has now started their journey into the world of education and the art of building friendships. With their newfound independence and introduction into a world full of new and exciting ideas, they are going to benefit greatly from games, puzzles, and toys that help enhance and complement all of these important lifelong skills.

A lot of things can be achieved through play and since this is the primary way to get your child’s attention, it makes sense that you select toys and gifts that will assist with their rapid development. With this idea, we’ve selected some of the best toys for 5-year old boys that will help them develop cognitively, emotionally and physically.

10 Best Gifts For 5-Year-Old Boys

IQ Challenge Set


At this point, your child has started on their academic path and begun learning new and important concepts, and often these can be challenging to young minds. A great way to assist with their cognitive development is through stimulation via challenging games and puzzles, this beats the usual toys that have little educational value.

The IQ Challenge Set is a sure way to engage their brains and get them thinking. The set includes a wide range of games and puzzles of varying difficulty. It includes a wooden cube puzzle, a metal puzzle among others and is sure to provide fun and a brain stimulating playtime. In combination, these puzzles will help your child develop problem-solving skills and get to grips with abstract concepts common throughout academic life.

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box


LEGO is a class kids toy and due to its incredible versatility and endless configurations has remained one of the most popular past times. With LEGO your little boy will be able to have hours of endless play as they get creative and build whatever their imagination dictates. As well as helping them to expand their creativity, building block sets also help them develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

This set, in particular, is our recommended pick since it contains almost 500 pieces in 35 vibrant colors. It also includes wheel rims, tires, baseplates, eyes and other accessories to make for truly versatile and creative play. It also comes with a handy box so that all the pieces can be conveniently stored away afterward.

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit


With the majority of jobs over the next few decades predicted to be heavily reliant on skills associated with Science, Technology, English, and Math (STEM) subjects, it’s more important than ever to foster a strong interest and competence in these subjects. Science kits are a great way to achieve this in young kids, they help turn otherwise complicated concepts into fun and engaging activities.

This 20 piece kit includes everything you will require to carry out safe and fun experiments at home. It includes the likes of red cabbage powder and citric acid and other safe ingredients found in most kitchens, and you will be able to create some really cool chemical reactions. This is a sure way to make science fun and inspire your child to appreciate the subjects that are of utmost importance in the future.

Fisher-Price Super Sounds Soccer Playset


If your child loves soccer or football as it’s called in the United Kingdom, then this complete playset is sure to make them happy. Not only is it a great gift for true soccer and sports fans, but it’s also a great way to encourage kids to get active and play outside – often a tough call in the age of the internet!

The Soccer playset includes everything required – soccer net and ball. There are two different levels of play with this net and both are rewarded with fun sounds. For kids just starting out, they can try to hit the ball into the net, in which case they will hear a sound. Once they are a bit more daring, they can attempt to hit the target to hear the fun sounds.

This is a great physical activity for kids that’s fun and engaging, you can also join in on the fun too and act as the goalkeeper!

Kidzlane Durable Walkie Talkies


Playing outdoors and taking on roles as spy or soldier are great memories many people have from their childhood. Covert operations can now be enhanced with these neat walkie talkies with an incredible 2-mile radius. This not only encourages kids to cooperate and communicate effectively but by encouraging imaginative play you are helping them to expand their creativity, confidence and personal passions.

These Walkie Talkies have an incredibly durable design, which is very important as they will undoubtedly be dropped frequently. They also have a very long battery life and can be used for up to 3.5 hours and last 9 hours when not in use. These are a great tool for imaginative play and a clever way of keeping track of them when they are out of sight.

Outdoor Set for Kids


Exploring the great outdoors is a great activity for kids with many benefits including physical exercise and the mental stimulation nature provides. A great way to enhance the experience is to provide your child with tools that will help them further explore and investigate the world around them.

This outdoor exploration kit provides flashlight, compass, binoculars and magnifying glass, ideal for camping trips, bird watching, tracking the journey on foot and pretend to play outdoors. With this tools, your child will be well equipped to learn about the natural world and science.

Hauck Nerf Go Cart


Easily one of the best toys for 5-year-old boys, the Nerf go cart is a ride on toy providing the thrill of a drive and adrenaline of a pretend play shooter-up game with friends. They will surely be the leader of the neighborhood when it comes to Nerf battles with this pedal-powered cart.

The cart itself features a well made and comfortable seat with a high back. It’s pedal powered, so ensures your little guy will get a good workout whenever they use it, but the speed can be adjusted with ease or stopped completely using the handbrake. Perhaps the major downside is that Nerf gun isn’t included, nonetheless is still an awesome toy any kid is going to love.




The innovative features this drone is equipped with means it is very easy to fly and control that a lot of other drones available. For example, it has one button take off and landing making the process seamless and straightforward. It’s also equipped with an HD video camera, allowing any and all adventures to be recorded and photographed and uploaded to the computer.

This is a great toy, a drone allows exploration outdoors like never before. Your child will be able to perform stunts as they grow in confidence, improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they get better with the remote control and look back at their adventures for years to come.

BRIO Deluxe Railway Set


A railway set is the cornerstone of any great childhood and in our view, this set by the Scandinavian company BRIO is the best railway set for kids. It’s beautifully crafted from wood and contains 87 pieces in total, making it a large and comprehensive set, allowing numerous configurations and layouts to be made and hours of fun.

The 87 piece set includes 36 pieces of track, stations, tunnels, ticket machines and all other accessories to make it an awesome experience. Although it may seem a little costly, this is a set that will last the test of time. Many parents make the mistake of not buying a DEluxe BRIO set and instead opt to buy the pieces individually over time, but this will cost far more in the long run.

This is a brilliant train set that will provide great playtimes and last for years to come. Great to hand down to siblings or younger generations when the time comes.

Wild Jungle 100 Piece Puzzle


In recent years puzzles like this jigsaw game have gone out of fashion due to the rise of the internet and popular electronic devices. However, in our view, they still have a very important place and help to foster important traits in kids such as problem-solving skills, perseverance and self-discipline.

This set is 100 pieces in total, so it may take him some time to complete. The pieces are big, easily handled by kids and easy to slot together. The completed image is a stunning animal jungle scene, which is great subject matter for kids and allows them to familiarize themselves with different types of animals and animal classifications.

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