Best Toys & Gifts For 6 Year Old Boys

Once your child hits first grade, it’s a great time to select toys and gifts that incorporate both learning and fun. At this age, kids are developing fast and appreciate social play and games and puzzles that provide them with a mental challenge.

With this in mind, we have selected games, toys and puzzles that we determined are good choices for kids at this age. Not only will they engage kids at this stage of physical and cognitive ability, but they will stimulate and nurture them, ensuring they develop as expected.

10 Best Toys For 6-Year-Old Boys

Ferrari Remote Control Model Car


Allow your child to stand out from the crowd with this stunning Ferrari model car, which certainly beats the generic plastic and garish plastic models. The car has been made to look like an authentic miniature model of the classic car and attention to detail has been a top priority, right down to the wheel trims and wing mirrors.

Remote control cars are great for kids since they provide them with the perfect means to explore the outdoors and develop hand-eye coordination as they master the remote. Much like other toys that demand dexterity, using an RC vehicle will also help your child develop their fine motor skills and finger control.

Nerf N-Strike Blazin Bow


Nerf are the masters in toy guns and their foam projectiles pack quite the punch. This beautifully crafted bow features a bow-holder built into the design and the bow has a large wingspan making it ideal for 6-year-olds and younger kids. The foam arrows are capable of being fired as far as 40 feet, so no one on the battlefield will have time to escape!

Nerf battles with friends are fun, exciting and provide a convenient means of bonding and physical exercise. Using the bow itself also has a number of advantages – it enables kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and master the art of hitting the target, which requires self-discipline, practice and focus.

Unlike the typical bullet foam projectiles, the arrows have a slightly curved path, meaning them demand a little more thinking. A great way to get your child in the mindset of a true problem-solver, rather than just firing the foam bullets non-stop without much consideration.

Field Agent Spy Watch


What little boy doesn’t like the idea of being a spy? Spy movies, action films and other secret missions have most kids inspired to become the next generation of undercover agents. This spy watch is equipped with a wide range of spy-like functions, including a secret alarm, night vision functionality, as well as a scope with crosshairs. It would make the perfect gift for any 6-year-old spy kid.

This watch will not only serve the wildest child’s imagination on a variety of “missions”, but it actually has practical learning applications too. The watch will incorporate learning to read a clock and keep track of time into active play, perhaps the most effective way to teach your child these important concepts. It also has a built-in stopwatch and timer, ideal for enhancing pretend-play and making your child more aware of the idea of time.

ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer


A toy that combines cars and building is bound to be loved by many boys. The ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer is the ideal toy for boys who love both of these activities, since it allows 4 unique vehicles to be constructed and an impressive 12-wheel car transporter. This is a comprehensive building kit with 76 pieces in total. It also includes clear and concise instructions to make the process easy to follow.

This is a great toy that allows kids to get lost in their imagination and learn some really valuable practical skills. By following the instructions, they will be able to build functional and impressive vehicles, but they can also easily build their own creations using their imagination too.

This toy aids with problem-solving skills, helps kids understand the value of instructions and how to follow them. Although the kit does include clear instructions, they can just as easily get creative and make their own vehicles.

Discovery Magic Set


Being the show master and performing magic tricks is made easy and straightforward with this magic set for kids by Melissa & Doug. The kit itself explains and provides the ability to perform 4 amazing magic tricks in total, including the sword in the stone trick, the chamber of illusion, the magic jewel box and the color-changing string trick.

This magic set is the perfect way to let your kids inner-performer come out. With plenty of practice and a helpful audience to provide moral support, kids will build confidence and showmanship in no time at all. They may start off slow, but by following and studying the instructions, they will soon get there.

Performing can be difficult even for adults, so getting your kid used to the idea sooner rather than later is a great way to build confidence.

Quadcopter Drone


You might think that a 6-year-old is a little too young for a drone, but you would be wrong. Today, there are drones designed to be easily controlled that equipped with one button take off and landing, as well as other features that ensure a stable flight. They are also frequently fitted with cameras that can both take photos and record video.

The Quadcopter Drone is an ideal model for kids, its relatively inexpensive and fitted with everything needed for a fun flying adventure, whether with their parents help or not. Kids will still love to watch it fly and watch the footage you capture afterward. With time they will easily pick it up.

LEGO City ATV Race Team


Building blocks are a great way for kids to develop their problem-solving skills. By following instructions they will learn how to read and think logically and no one provides building blocks like LEGO does. Their bricks are easily handled and put together by small hands and over time will help your child develop their manual dexterity and fine motor skills.

The LEGO City ATV Race Team Set is a great choice for little boys who usually love cars and trucks. Not only will the building process provide hours of fun and mental stimulation, but once they have completed it, they can enjoy imaginative play with the trucks and figures included.

BRIO World Deluxe Railway Set


Complete railway sets are the perfect kids toy and provide hours of fun and sets like this last a lifetime! BRIO is a Scandinavian company with over 50 years experience in the industry. The set consists of a whopping 87 pieces and provides everything required for a great experience – trains, tunnels, track, stations, ticket machines and much more.

The set can be arranged in a wide range of different configurations and the pieces are large and easy to handle and slot together. The set is quite expensive, yet bear in mind, it’s far cheaper than buying the parts gradually over time. Besides, this set is beautifully crafted from wood and is a set that will last for decades – perfect for younger siblings or to hand down to other generations at a later date.

Kano Computer Kit


Learning to code is a skill that’s very important in the modern world and one which many future careers will demand. Not only that, but coding is an analytical skill that will enhance your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

With the Kano, your child will essentially be able to build a computer from the parts provided, while using the beautifully illustrated and easy to follow instruction booklet.

After they’ve built it, they will then be able to carry out a range of projects that incorporate coding and creating games, music, and works of art. The finished computer can then be hooked up to a TV and can be used to play games and surf the internet.

Scientific Explorer Kit


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) subjects are often challenging, yet extremely rewarding. Especially when you consider the majority of new jobs created over the next few decades are predicted to require skills associated with these fields. Therefore, ensuring your child is enthusiastic about science is vitally important in the modern age, that’s where science kits can come in useful.

This Scientific Explorer Kit includes three tools – a handheld microscope, a handheld telescope and a magnifying glass, making it possible for your child to begin exploring the world of the macroscopic and microscopic. The microscope can be used to examine leaves, stones, buttons, while the telescope can be used to take a closer look at the midnight sky and examine the stars and moon.

This kit is a great way to inspire your child to appreciate the wonders of nature, scientific discoveries and understand the importance of STEM in the modern world.

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