Best Toys & Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

At 7 years of age, your child will be developing fast in almost every way, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result, you want to ensure she has access to toys, gifts, and puzzles that encourage and enhance development in all of these important areas.

Therefore, when selecting toys for this important age, it’s crucial to select toys that both entertain and educate. With these factors considered, we have selected some of the best toys and gifts we believe enhance development.

Best Gifts For 7 Year Old Girls

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad


If you want an easy and fun way for your child to improve their drawing skills while getting creative, then tracing is a fantastic means to achieve just that.

By now she’s probably had a lot of experience painting and drawing, but the technical skills and concepts such as proportion, shading, and perspective are probably quite new and challenging. A tracing pad can help with all of these.

The Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is a great way for kids to improve and master the art of drawing. The kit includes tracing paper, regular paper, colored-pencil and graphite pencils, as well as more than 100 traceable images.

Scientific Smart Globe


Geography is a fun subject all kids love to learn about and it’s more important than ever for them to know about it in the modern global world. Learning about the Earth, different cultures, countries, and continents is a great way to ensure your child is well informed.

The interactive Scientific Smart Globe will allow your child to pinpoint anywhere on the globe and learn about that location through audio descriptions. It allows you to learn about different countries histories, cultures and even includes the national anthems. It’s a fantastic educational tool that will guarantee your child has fun and comes away more knowledgeable about the world she lives in.

All Natural Spa Lab


What girl doesn’t like an excuse to pamper herself? This kit allows your child to create her own handmade cosmetics including bath bombs and face masks. All the necessary instructions are included and the ingredients are all completely natural and safe to use.

The All Natural Spa Lab is a great way to keep your child occupied. Making the products is a fun process in itself, making it perfect for a parent and child activity or to do with friends. Once the hard part of making the products is over you can all then enjoy being pampered and take some time to relax.

Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium


Learning about science doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, with this science kit your child can grow their very own little ecosystem. All you need to do is add water to the mason jar and a small community starts to grow is as little as 4 days.

The jar included contains potting mix, wheat grass seeds, garden figurines, decorative sand, river stones and a plant mister to keep the plant life hydrated. This is a great way to introduce key scientific concepts to kids including ecosystems, photosynthesis and the cycle of life.

Monster High Convertible Car


If your 7-year-old girl is a fan of Monster High, then she is going to love “driving” this stunning convertible car. The car is one of many Monster High toys that is built to home the dolls as well as other popular figurines by other brands.

Toys like this help to enhance imaginative play and while you may think they’re just about having fun, they can also help your child develop their fine motor skills. Overall a great toy that fans of the show are bound to love!

JuniorScope Kids Microscope


Science kits for kids including microscopes are a great way to encourage kids to love and appreciate STEM subjects. This is more important than ever considering the majority of jobs in the approaching decades are predicted to require skills linked to these subjects.

This JuniorScope Kids MIcroscope is an award-winning microscope that is far superior to many of the garish looking plastic models. It has a 400x magnification and includes everything required for an immersive science experience including stains, slides, tweezers and petri dish.

The microscope also comes accompanied with The World of Microscope book that includes illustrations and instructions on how to use the microscope itself and a range of activities for them to carry out.

FADER Streaming Drone


Drones are a great way to get your kids outdoors and exploring. There are many drones suitable for kids available, their controls are very easy to use and they have other features that make the flying process as easy as possible. This includes a 6-Axis Gyro to ensure stable flying and an auto-takeoff and land feature.

The drone is a great addition to days out and adventures outside. It allows you to see things and capture stunning panoramic views. This can all be recorded and captured using the HD camera allowing you to view images live and later on your computer.

Fashion Design Kit For Kids


A lot of girls at this age love the idea of becoming a fashion designer. At this age getting creative has many benefits – it allows kids to explore their individuality, express themselves and experiment. Being a designer means they have to think like one too – from the initial planning to the measuring and making the final design.

The Fashion Design Kit includes over 50 pieces such as fabric, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments. The kit will allow your 7-year-old to get creative but also practice other important skills such as planning, problem-solving and learn useful practical skills such as sewing. Overall, this is a great kit that will challenge and entertain kids for hours on end.

The Sleepover Party Game


Sleepovers and get-togethers with friends can often become challenging for parents who find themselves having to think of new ways to keep all the kids entertained. With the Sleepover Party Game that will never be a problem again. This big box is packed with fun activities including 200 games for the ultimate evening of fun and excitement.

Ensuring kids are having fun and creating lasting memories is one of the main aims of every parent. This box full of activities will ensure everyone is having a great time and one of the best things about it is that it aims to involve everyone, so no one ever feels left out.

Mega Crystal Growing Lab


Educational toys that incorporate the STEM subjects are extremely valuable for kids with curious minds. Often science subjects can be quite difficult for kids to grasp, so any visual ways to help them understand these often complex processes is definitely a bonus.

This Crystal Growing Lab by National Geographic allows your kid to understand how natural crystals form and see it before their very eyes. The kit includes easy to follow instructions silicone growing chambers to grow the vibrant colored crystals. A great toy to keep kids entertained and learning – the best combination!

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