Best Toys & Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

When a boy reaches 8 years old, he’s most likely to have gone through all the motions of learning to speak, walk and is becoming more and more dexterous as he ages. They normally love to spend their energy on being sporty and active whilst also opening their mind to creative and imaginative play.

At this age, their education is vital to providing them with a foundation of knowledge which will support them as they grow and supplement their future learning. When deciding on toys and gifts for 8-year-olds it’s great to take note of the passions and interests that they have built during their earlier stages whilst also still encouraging them to try new things!

10 Best Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Blaster


Nerf guns are a favorite toy of kids in this age range and make fantastic, great value gifts for them as they offer ongoing outdoor and indoor fun and are relatively safe. There are all sorts of toy guns you can buy for a kid but Nerf guns are certainly the best and this Nerf Strike Doominator Blaster is by no doubt a particularly exciting choice!

Not only does it look mean and green with its quadruple drum that holds 24 darts in total but this also allows it to fire without having the need for reloading, and will give your kid the edge in any Nerf firefight.

Surprisingly to say it’s also much easier to use than other Nerf guns as they tend to have different firing modes with different dart sizes, but this gun sticks to one and has a handle which can be moved between 3 positions so that it can be customized to suit the little soldier.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game


If you are thinking of a game that can be played indoors and the whole family can join in the look no further than ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run! The goal of the game is to plan and place a set of interconnecting towers so that the marble runs through the maze into the goal using the force of gravity as its guide. The game is level based and it can get really challenging as the level increases demanding more concentration and thought.

This game is loved by adults as well as children due to its challenging aspect and can really get people working together to figure out each puzzle and is great for promoting teamwork, planning and logic based puzzle solving.

Wham-O Hamper Hoops


Get your kids into the habit of putting their dirty laundry into a hamper instead of on the floor with Hamper Hoops! This is a fun and engaging way to teach them that a messy room is a messy mind and gives them a reason to pick their clothes up after them, it’s especially effective for kids who have a love for basketball!

This toy is a win-win situation for parents and for the kid as they will actually find it fun to do their chores and they’ll always want to make that perfect shot or slam dunk. The hamper can then easily be disconnected from the hoop and brought to the washing machine come laundry day, hassle free!

ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle


A perfect, creative toy gift for an 8-year-old who finds a sense of calm and security in sitting down and using their imagination to create is one which allows them to make their own pet! This Craft Rock pet turtle is a toy for kids who are a bit more passive and aren’t as much into the high excitement of guns and cars.

The paint set and brush are included with the speckled, turtle-shaped stone which the kids can use to add their own designs. Purchasing a few of these would make a great activity for a bunch of kids to get together and share their imaginative designs; a competition can be made and the winner can be adopted as the new family pet.

If one of the kids does truly have a good artistic capability, the painted stone turtle does make a wonderful decoration for your garden, yard or even the kid’s bedroom as they can treasure their creation as a trophy of their accomplishment.



A lot of boys at the age of 8 love dinosaurs and paleontology and this fossil excavation kit by National Geographic really gives them the opportunity to delve deeper into this passion and put their own hand to it. This pack includes a brick which is imbued with fossils, a chisel, brush, and a magnifying glass.

These are all the tools of the trade and allow the kid to dig their way into the fossil compacted brick, putting their skills to the test to not run any fossils with the tools. They can then use the brush and the magnifying glass to hone in on the details and identify which prehistoric creatures they belong to. Nothing but hours of fun and excitement is offered by this toy for the budding paleontologist, archaeologist or scientist.

The Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow


The stomp rocket is a classic for the toy box as an easy and engaging way into the world of physics. This toy has been loved by generations who feel the excitement and pride as the measurements and calculations they painstakingly put together successfully wizzes through the air!

The great thing about stomp rockets is that they are relatively easy to put together and it allows the child to put their own mind to work on perfecting the formula to make the rocket fly further. This product can launch up to 100 feet in the air and even glows in the dark and so makes a wonderful show at night.

AMSCOPE Microscope Kit


Continuing the science-themed gifts for kids, we have here a kid’s microscope set that is realistic and made with high quality in mind. Included is a small compound microscope with dual LED or mirror illumination and a 52 piece kit that has everything you need, from a pre-prepared microscope slide to a brine shrimp hatchery and specimen dissection tools.

This is a gift like no other as it gives the kid a chance to get a close-up view of what the world has to offer and really delve into the microstructures that make up the natural world. As far as STEM-related toys go, the microscope is bar far the best kids gift as it’s education, fun and engaging.

Play 22 Toy Truck Transport Car Carrier


A typical toy for boys of any age is the toy car, there’s just something about cars that really get them excited. It’s their sleek designs, their power, their potential speed and the prospects of actually owning one in the future. This toy truck transport carrier combines the beastly car carrying truck as a toy in it which contains 6 awesome looking cars and some accessories to decorate a race track with.

If you are short on ideas on what to buy a kid for a Christmas or birthday kid, or even if you are on a budget, this is your answer as it will allow the fan of motor vehicles to add more to their collection to play with!

eKids Spiderman Headphones for Kids


If nothing really takes your fancy and you are really stuck for ideas, a pair of headphones is always a good safe gift! These headphones are particularly cool with the sleek Spiderman design. They are of great sound quality and are fairly highly rated by buyers.

Spiderman is not the only design available either as the range includes Paw Patrol, The Avengers, Power Rangers and much more. There are also designs for girls too so you could many for a family, each with their own design to show off their unique taste.

Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set


Dungeons and Dragons are the ultimate tabletop, a role-playing adventure that kids and adults alike have enjoyed for over 30 years! It may have its negative connotations attached to it as being “nerdy” and so on but honestly, it promotes a lot of good traits and behaviors in kids that adults do not realize!

The normal game has quite a comprehensive set of rules so this starter pack gives the kids an easier version to get to grips with alongside some pre-made character sheets.

The best thing about dungeons and dragons is to encourage group activity, teamwork and most uniquely it promotes on the spot storytelling, allowing a kid to really put their imaginations to work; a rare find in other toys and games!

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