Best Toys & Gifts For 8 Year Old Girls

When you have to think on the spot: what gifts would an eight-year-old girl like? It can be more difficult than you probably first thought. You have to consider that at this age some still prefer to play with young-kid toys, while others are more inclined to opt for the big-kid gear.

Whatever their age, there’s little doubt that all young girls love toys that will stimulate them both mentally and physically and keep them entertained for hours. You probably also want toys that will challenge her intellect or creativity in some way, helping her to develop and have fun at the same time– the best combination for effective learning.

10 Best Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls

LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel


This huge LEGO masterpiece is composed of 1552 pieces of LEGO building blocks and provides everything your little girl will require to build and run her own little hotel. This includes the multi-floored hotel building, along with a cafe, jazz lounge, and even an elevator to take guest to each floor. Besides being a hotel, LEGO naturally allows for versatile play, since the blocks can be placed in many different configurations.

Not only is a LEGO set like this great for enhancing imaginative play alone or with friends, but it will also allow your girl to enhance her motor learning and help her get to grips with following basic instructions.

This is more than an average toy, it’s a learning tool that allows her to build, learn and have fun all at the same time.

Girls Only! Secret Message Lab


Secret diaries have been a staple in most girls’ toy box for decades, so of course, this secret message lab had to make the list. The Lab allows your girl to keep her secret messages hidden with the help of science!

The lab kit includes a booklet containing over 20 pages of different methods of keeping notes secret, including magic ink, secret spy messages and much more! The kit will allow your child to put all of these ideas to use and get straight into the role of secret spy.

This kit is great for teaching kids to follow instructions and promote independent play. She and her friends will be able to pass secret messages between each other and learn about some really cool concepts.

Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Nerf gun by now. Well, if you want your little girl to get into the battle with an advantage, this may serve her well.

The bow can shoot arrows as far as 80 feet and even allows them to inscribe hidden notes on them. The arrow kit includes three arrows, a message decoder that reveals the hidden messages, a quiver, and the bow. The stylised bow is also very nice and perfect for girls who want to join with Nerf games.

The bow will allow your girl to get in on the action with style and finesse; she will also be able to send messages – an advantage worth having.

Dynacraft Monster High Girls BMX


Getting young girls outdoors and active definitely beats them being stuck in behind a computer all day. This BMX is ideal for riding around the neighborhood and the stabilizers can be removed whenever she’s ready to ride independently.

The bike frame is 19 inches and the wheels are training wheels that can be adjusted as required. It is also equipped with pink rims and hand brakes equipped with a 3 brake system for quick and easy stops.

This is a perfect bike for 8-year-old girls who love pink and toys stylised with girls in mind.

Spirograph Design Tin Set


First released back in 1965, the classic Spirograph acts as inspiration for this creative and interactive toy. This modern take on the classic design comes with a range of seven wheels and two ballpoint pens that allow a wide variety of designs to be made. It also contains a handy putty rubber, making it easy to erase any pen marks should they make a mistake.

This is a unique gift set that allows creativity to flourish in a brand new way, the patterns and shapes will also come in handy in math class. Circles, triangles, and complex angles can easily be factored into playtime with this design set.

Allow your child to get lost in the art of the Spirograph and add your own spin on it to allow them to learn basic math concepts at the same time.

Cozmo the AI Robot


What is possibly cooler than owning your own personal robot? Cozmo the AI robot is exactly that. This little computer-based bot learns from interacting with his owner and has the ability to express himself in a multitude of ways. Cozmo can also recognize faces and has a cute, interactive face himself.

Included with Cozmo are three, interactive cubes that he is able to hold, stack and transport. You can also control him using a Smartphone application, allowing you to decide where he stacks and moves the bricks. You can easily see what kinds of activities Cozmo is capable of with a quick browse on Youtube and it’s easy to see why he’s gone viral.

This AI is an interactive and fun companion any little girl would love to own. The app also makes him double up as a remote control operated toy too, so in a way offers two great modes of play.

Science Club Microscope and Activity Journal


Any opportunity to turn playing into a learning experience simultaneously is a bonus, so this microscope set for girls, complete with activity journal is the ideal toy. By the age of 8, it’s likely that she will have some foundation biology knowledge, so this is a great way to complement her learning.

The microscope itself is equipped with a 400X objective lens that will allow things like onion cells to be observed. It also includes all the tools required for experiments including tweezers, slides and a journal full of experiments. The journal also includes detailed instructions and attractive illustrations, making it easy for kids to read and follow along.

This STEM toy is a fantastic way to develop your child’s analytical skills, scientific knowledge and ability to read and follow complex instructions.

FADER Streaming Drone


Drones are typically referred to as being a boy toy, but this isn’t true at all, girls can have just as much fun flying a drone. What’s even better than a drone? A drone with a camera attached of course. These allow you to capture footage and re-play the adventures at any time.

This drone is equipped with a feature that makes it easy to fly for kids, such as an auto-takeoff and land feature, as well as an altitude hold – allowing it to hover.

The altitude hold is particularly useful for kids; it means it will hold its position in the air without requiring the skilled hand-eye coordination it would usually require.

This flying drone is the perfect toy for outdoor adventures; it will allow her to see things never before possible without easy access to a helicopter. Best of all, it can all be played back on the computer once you get back home.

4M Magnetic Tile Art


Young girls love to get creative and this tile art set will allow her to put her works of art on display as a fridge magnet or on a range of other metal surfaces. This is also an ideal gift for group activities, so if you have more than one girl, or want a cool party activity, this is a good option.

In total the set includes 10 tiles that can be decorated and painted in a range of different ways, allowing everyone involved to express themselves creatively.

L.O.L Surprise! Lil Sisters Mystery Six Pack


L.O.L Surprise is a girl’s toy gift that has officially gone viral. These are effectively layered surprises in a stunningly wrapped design. In each one are beautiful, collectible dolls as well as stickers and accessories – in order to reveal the surprise at the center that your girl will have to take a bath to melt away the bath bomb.

This is a great toy for girls who love surprises and since they are currently on trend she will likely be able to share and compare her own with friends. Takes us back to the day when collectible toys like Pokémon cards and trolls were a thing.

Why are These Great Gifts for 8-Year-Old Girls?

Girls at 8 aren’t quite teens but are typically starting to ask more questions and you will often see the signs of an exquisite mind that’s looking for nourishment. Therefore, at this age, it’s a good idea to select a toy that will provide her with a challenge of some sort and help her to develop herself in a variety of ways: emotionally, mentally and physically.

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