Best Toys & Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

Boys at 9 are at a crucial point of development and are at that “in-between” age where they are not quite ready to give up toys completely, but are no longer interested in many of those of the so-called “babyish” variety. Instead, they tend to be more interested in games, puzzles, and toys that provide them with a challenge and offer a way for them to explore and develop their skills.

There are many great toys and gifts for 9-year-old boys, the key is to select the ones that have been tried and tested. That’s why we hand-picked those toys that many parents report kids in this specific age-group take to. These are the ones that are both fun and engaging, helping kids to develop mentally, physically and emotionally – the best combination.

10 Best Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

Jet Plane Craft Kit


In the modern age, it’s easy to forget the value of crafting your own toys. The crafting process itself is extremely beneficial for school-aged kids, helping them develop their creativity, problem-solving skills and learn to appreciate the work that goes into their toys. After the crafting is done, they have a fully functional toy they can play with, a much better option than simply buying a mass-produced plastic toy.

This Jet Plane Crafting KIt by Melissa and Doug is an excellent kit. It provides all the instructions in an easy to understand layout so that your kid can easily build, paint and assemble a jet plane with functional wheels. A perfect gift or toy for indoor play and rainy days!

Disgusting Science Kit


What kids don’t love things that make them squirm? This disgusting science kit is a fun and engaging way to get your kid interested in biology and science in general. More important than ever considering that the majority of jobs over the coming decade are predicted to demand skills associated with STEM subjects.

The science kit includes a variety of fun activities that will teach them about key biology concepts. Activities include creating a smelly intestine, fake blood and how to grow friendly bacteria. There are many challenging and often abstract ideas in science, so it’s always great when you find a way to make it simplified, fun and visual for kids.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set


Performing in front of the family and with friends is a great way for kids to build confidence and master the art of public speaking. Magic tricks are a great way for kids to learn something and with perseverance master something they can truly take pride in. Through this process of learning and performing their self-esteem is bound to improve and their ability to communicate flourish.

The Deluxe Magic Set by Melissa & Doug provides a great set of instructions and gives your child the opportunity to perform 4 amazing magic tricks in total, including the sword in the stone trick, the chamber of illusion, the magic jewel box and the color-changing string trick. It’s a great way to encourage their inner-performer to take center stage!

LEGO Minecraft


In recent years Minecraft- the game has almost taken over the world. Now, they can take a break from the digital version and instead have fun with the LEGO version of Minecraft. This impressive 262-piece building set modeled on infamous game includes all the familiar styles from the game and other familiar faces including Steve.

The set includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to set up the farm as intended, but your child can just as easily enjoy building it however they wish. It’s often a chore trying to prise your kids away from their computer games, so we think this might make the job a little easier.

14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot Kit


Robots always grab the attention of boys and are perhaps one of the ultimate kid’s toys. With the OWI robotic kit, your 9-year-old can build 14 unique robot designs that each have their own pros and cons. Some designs are able to walk on the land and some travel across the water seamlessly. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the robot is that you’ll never require any batteries since it’s entirely powered by solar energy from the sun.

This is a great gift for 9-year-old boys, it gives them the ability to build their very own robot from scratch. Some of the designs are easier to assemble than others, so you may be best starting with one of the more simple ones. However, even if your child does struggle, it’s certainly a great activity for both parent and child to do together.

Don’t be too concerned about it not working indoors either! Although it is solar powered, it can run indoors under a standard 50-watt halogen light bulb.

Piper Computer Kit Minecraft Edition


This award-winning computer building kit turns technology into an engaging learning experience. The creator of the kit provides the following explanation:

“The Piper Computer Kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own computer. Inside, you will also find our revolutionary learning system that teaches kids engineering and programming through a combination of engaging storylines, the physical building, and Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft.”

This kit comes in a stunningly made wooden box that has a contrasting LCD screen built into it. The kit comes with a very easy to follow and beautifully illustrated instruction book that provides easy to follow instructions on how to build the computer from start to finish.

Once your child has built the computer, they will be able to learn how to code and start programming, which involves the popular Minecraft game.

RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera


This particular drone design is termed “headless” making it lightweight and easy to fly and maneuver in the air. This makes it a great drone for kids since it’s stable and allows them to perform tricks a lot more easily than some of the larger “headed” designs. It’s also equipped with six-axis gyro stability making it even more stable in flight, useful on the days where the wind can get quite strong.

This drone is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. It also allows you to capture video and film via the SD card and view them later on your computer. Although bear in mind that this drone does not allow live capture via devices such as smartphones.

Deluxe Art Set


By age 9 it’s likely that your child has had a lot of practice at drawing, painting and generally being creative. But do they know any of the more techniques that will allow them to expand their horizons? Shading, drawing, perspectives, and proportion are all useful concepts that will come in useful in their education and maybe even a future career.

This Deluxe Art Set is extremely comprehensive and includes paints, colored-pencils, pastels, rubbers and much more. It all comes presented in a beautifully crafted wooden box allowing the set to be easily transported and stored away when not in use.

This is a great way to encourage creativity and technical skills. Ensure you select the pad option if you want them to be able to get started as soon as it arrives!

JuniorScope Kids Microscope


Anything that gets your child learning and having fun has to be a good thing, right? Microscopes designed especially for kids are a great way to get them learning about science and engaged in the scientific process. This allows them to get hands-on experience with a common piece of laboratory equipment used routinely throughout the scientific industry.

This kit is the best in our view. It’s a well-made kids microscope that beats the cheap, plastic variety, with a powerful 40x magnification. It also comes with everything your kid will require for an immersive and genuine science experience – tweezers, slides, stains batteries and a beautifully illustrated science activity booklet.

The World of Microscope booklet is the perfect companion for a kids scope, it’s full of information about microscopes in general, how to use them and a range of fun and practical experiments.

Active Dodge Tag


Playing with friends and family and fostering a team spirit in your child is an important character trait that will help them succeed in life. Tag is a game we all remember from childhood, it’s fun, competitive and provides easy and effective exercise.

The Active Dodge Tag game is a twist on the classic game. Two players wear the vests and try and hit the velcro targets on eachothers abdomen, the one who makes the most balls stick wins.

Of course, you don’t have to follow these rules and can easily play a normal game of tag instead, however, instead of hands they will use the balls to tag one another.

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